// Best and enhanced media playback

PowerDVD is the best media player ever developed because of the many features it offers, such as upscale video playback, crystal-clear audio –with TrueTheater Sound- and other settings designed to improve your user experience: bookmarks for your favourite moments (from a media clip) and easy customization of PowerDVD’s interface.

// YouTube DVR

PowerDVD does not only work with local content, DVD or Blu-ray discs, but it also works with YouTube videos. How so? PowerDVD can “pin” those videos you select from YouTube to play later with this media player. There are two important advantages about this: your pinned videos will be locally stored and they playback will be enhanced, as any other media content played by PowerDVD.

// PowerDVD Features

PowerDVD extended features

PowerDVD includes some cloud services for your delight, such as media uploading, synchronizing and downloading options. In case you have mobile devices running Android, iOS or Windows, you can download the official PowerDVD Remote app to control the PowerDVD player without being in front of the computer.